Issue 4: Letter From The Co-Editors-In-Chief


Dear Readers,

As a result of the many articles in this issue concerning the rivalry between Lawrence High and Free State, we decided to discuss some of the events that occurred in the past three weeks.

Prior to every football game, the sports announcer says, “Sportsmanship is forever.”

However, members of the student bodies from both schools failed to follow this advice at times.

Crude T-shirts, vandalism and twitter fights reflected poorly upon individual students from each school.

Roughly 30 members from the senior class at Free State were banned from the football game on Nov. 1 because of $200 worth of damage to our school. These seniors covered the Chesty statue in tuna and a FSHS shirt. They also spread toilet paper across the front of the office building of LHS.

In retaliation, LHS seniors made signs for the game reading, ‘Where’s Your Seniors?’. Additionally, they dressed a fake skeleton in a FSHS cheerleading uniform.

The majority of the remaining members of FSHS’s student section were seen donning shirts that read, “LHS Where All the Peasants Go.”

As a result of these controversial shirts, many LHS students felt personally victimized by the implication that Lawrence High students are lesser. Free State’s comment on the socioeconomic status of Lawrence High students hit a large number of students on a personal level.

Although rivalries are a great way to raise school spirit and camaraderie, many students felt some took it too far.

A few FSHS parents were upset the LHS administrators “let their students vandalize” the FSHS football stadium.

In reality, LHS students simply followed the tradition of throwing newspaper shreds in the air at kick-off. Simultaneously, FSHS students jeopardized the health of potential allergic students by throwing up baby powder.

Despite tensions between the rival schools, LHS students have shaken off the implications that we are inferior.

We believe both schools crossed the line, especially on social media. Individuals stereotyped their rival school, and disregarded how their messages would affect their peers.

Student body, we urge you to be the bigger school and push all prejudice behind you. Staying true to your school doesn’t always mean bashing another. Lions, let our motto regarding sportsmanship be put into practice.



Kendra Schwartz and Ashley Hocking


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