Issue 3: Letter From The Co-Editors-In-Chief


Dear Readers,

In the month of October, fuchsia and blush paint the halls of Lawrence High representing Breast Cancer Awareness month.

We believe it is important to cover the topic of “boobs” this issue as it relates to the newspaper’s coverage of Pink Out.

We feel personally connected to this issue’s topic because we both have grandmothers who fought and defeated breast cancer. In fact, the majority of the student body is likely to have a connection. One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in their lives.

The Pink Out game was established as a tradition at LHS four years ago by the student body to raise money and awareness in honor of teacher, Shannon Wilson, who had been recently diagnosed with cancer. Wilson is now a survivor of breast cancer.

As the news article “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” states, the spirit squad has been working with Dale Willey Automotive to raise money for chemotherapy patients’ wigs and mammograms by selling pink bracelets.

The spirit squad launched this project in honor of their coordinator Gwen “Junior” Wedd’s triumph over breast cancer.

While these women fought for their lives, other females fight for their right to show cleavage.

While some women fighting breast cancer often have to endure one or two mastectomy surgeries, it is common for women to criticize other women for appreciating their own bodies and displaying them liberally.

As Nia Rutledge’s opinion article “Nothing is wrong with being a slut” illustrates, it is important to allow women to show their bodies in any way they are comfortable with. But it is more important to avoid the double standard that men have freedom in their sexuality and women do not.

Whether you’re choosing to show some skin to support Breast Cancer Awareness or simply because you’re demanding control of your own body, your peers should allow you the freedom to do so — in accordance with school dress code — in any way you want.


Kendra Schwartz and Ashley Hocking


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